Air Duct Cleaning


Air Duct Cleaning Service


   Indoor air quality is a growing concern. People rely more on central heat and air conditioning units more than ever before to keep their homes comfortable. Central units rely on ducts to carry air throughout the building. These ducts need cleaning on a routine basis. Without regular cleaning mold, dust and other allergens can make the air far more dangerous than people realize. 


Air Duct Cleaning Services Are Not Equal


   Not all services provide the same level of service. Some cleaning services only provide a surface cleaning of the first few feet of the duct. Mold and other contagions grow through the entire duct system, not just the entry and exits. A thorough cleaning should go through the length of the duct system.


Location is Important


   Geographical location can determine how often people need to have duct cleaning done. Duct cleaning should be done several times a year. Pollen and other allergy causing pollutants increase during the spring and summer. Having professionals come to clean after each of the major seasons is essential in areas with a high pollen count.


Do Not Do It Alone


   Professional services like us are the best suited to handle this type of cleaning job. Simple vacuums are not enough to clean duct work. Specialized equipment is required to clean duct systems fully. Extension hoses and specialized connections are only part of the reasons that professionals are required. They are the best barrier families can put between themselves and indoor air pollutants. Do it yourself and amateur services do not have the knowledge to know, identify and eliminate dangerous molds and dusts.

   Air duct cleaning is growing more important. People are beginning to learn about the health impacts of molds and other air borne allergens. We are a professional cleaning service that specialize in ducts and we do more than clean, we sterilize and can work up cleaning schedule for when it is needed.